Your opinion is fundamental so that we can, more and more, meet your needs and improve our quality. To do so, we prepared a brief questionnaire, where we raised points that we consider important for the good construction technique of the buildings. If these points, however, are not sufficient, we kindly ask you to include those that are relevant to you. Your honest opinion is very important to us! Thank you for your cooperation. Give us your feedback:

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    Did the attention given to you in your first contact with the company leave you satisfied?
    In your contact via phone, was the waiting time adequate?
    Did the information conveyed via phone meet your needs?


    Durante a execução da obra o projeto atendeu aos requisitos regulatórios, tais como normas da Prefeitura, etc? (Responda afirmamente caso durante a obra não tenha havido nenhuma fiscalização que identificasse irregularidade no projeto arquitetônico).
    During the execution of the building, did the project meet the regulatory requirements - such as the town code? (Answer positively in case the building didn't have any fiscalization to identifiy iregularities in the architetonic project)


    Sua empresa considera o projeto arquitetônico em questão bem adequado à obra?
    Does your companhy consider the architetonic project in question well suited to the building?
    How did your company consider the cost benefit relation on the architetonic project in question?
    Você identifica algo no projeto arquitetônico que possa agregar valor a sua empresa? (Favor citar em caso afirmativo)
    Do you identify something in the architetonic project that may aggregate value to your company? (Please elaborate if so)

    Did you identify anything in the architetonic project that might have been harmful to your company? (Please elaborate if so)

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