Our History

Since 1991, Aurion Architecture stands out in the brazilian Northwest architecture market, being rerponsible for dozens of projects in the areas of Industry, Hospitals and Restoration of aged buildings.

During the turn of the millenium, Aurion prepared itself to execute any big industrial project that could be implemented.

Our company maintains offices in the cities of Fortaleza and Sobral, where its headquarters are located, besides working in partnership with various offices in many parts of the Country.


Foundation of Herbert Rocha Architects, initally with the social name Constructor Vasconcelos Rocha Ltda.

Certified by ISO9001 on the Industrial Projects area. The company takes pride
in being the first architecture office on Brasil to have its Quality Management
System according to the ISO9001 norm.

2001 to 2003
On the year 2001, Herbert Rocha takes on the Secretary of Economic Development of Sobral and creates Prodecon – Programa de Desenvolvimento Econômico de Sobral (Sobral Economic Development Program), which establishes rules for municipal incentives, which serves as base for the betterment of the state icentive program, and in 2003 Herbert releases his first book: “The Left Side of the River”, about the factors of the localization and expansion of the city of Sobral, Ceará. Published by Hucitec: www.hucitec.com.br

2003 a 2004
Herbert Rocha takes on the Secretary of Urban Development and Environment and conducts various public projects on Sobral in the areas of popular habitation, urban cleanliness, transportation and urban planning, among which stands out the City Park, and the contests of the Left Margin of Acaraú and on Mercado Central. He also creates the Municipal Autarchy for the Environment (Autarquia Municipal de Meio-Ambiente – AMA).
He receives honorable mention on the national contest of good practices on urban management by CAIXA.

The book “The Left Side of the River” receives Honorable Mention on the VI Young Architects Award, at São Paulo


Herbert Rocha concludes his mission on the municipal public service and returns to the command of the company.

Change of Logo.

Herbert Rocha Architects becomes Aurion Architecture and Consulting Ltda.

Herbert Rocha takes on the State Oversight of the Environment and leaves management of Aurion Architecture. Liliane Pinto takes on management on Aurion.

Herbert Rocha releases his second book, “Sobral – On the Origin of Districts”, in co-authorship with the architect Campelo Costa, tackling the formation of cities, from the old Parish on Acaraú in the beginning of the XVIII Century up to the current Sobral districts.

Herbert Rocha leaves SEMACE and returns to management on Aurion Architecture.


Herbert Rocha, representing Aurion, in partnership with Itatiene Garcia and Max Frota from Project Brasil Architecture, wins 1st place at Casa Cor on the category “Green Environment”.

Aurion installs itself in Fortaleza, at Avenue Santus Dumont, 2456, room 1006, to enhance its focus on Project Coordination.

During the comemorations allusive to the Day of the Mason, on the night of the 17th of August, 2013, on Sobral, the architect and urbanist Herbert Rocha received formal acknowledgement from the Freemasonry on the north zone of Ceará, due to the importance of his work on “The Left side of the River”, published in 2003 for further studying about Sobral’s urban development.

Aurion surpasses the mark of ONE MILLION square meters merely on the area of hired and delivered Industrial Projects.


To satisfy the necessities of the client with:

1- Continous betterment:
1.1 – of our architetonic solutions;
1.2 – of the efficacy of the quality management system.

2 – Conscious interaction with:
2.1 the natural environment of the site;
2.2 the built environment of the site.



– To propose architetonic solutions that adequate the space to the person and the establishment.



To be an architecture company recognized for its golden growth, and a reference of quality in projects of:

– Industry and Logistics;
– Urban Design;
– Vertical Habitation at Sobral, Ceará and
– Project Management



Love (Cl 3,23) Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
Evolution – Investment on professional growth.
Ethics– To do what is right because it is right to do so, not because God is watching (Because He is, indeed).
Elan – Self-motivation, enthusiasm and disposition
Quality – Continuous betterment with focus on the client, exceeding their expectations
Results – Satisfação de todas as partes interessadas com foco no resultado financeiro The satisfaction of all interested parties, with focus on financial results.